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We help Indigenous communities and job seekers find the right employment opportunity and work with progressive companies that support Indigenous inclusion, employment and retention.  

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The benefits? Take pride in supporting Indigenous hiring by sponsoring and partnering with our virtual job fairs and job board. is the place where progressive companies come to hire Indigenous candidates. With our Indigenous hiring hub in place – companies focus on shortlisting while we do all the heavy lifting to recruit candidates. Employers who participate are involved, engaged and are excited to talk about their companies culture and Indigenous inclusion strategies. Sponsors and partners not only take part as a participant but advocate their interest in progress, inclusion and diversity by standing out from the crowd and getting noticed. Sponsor or partner today and be the Indigenous employer of choice. 

Indigenous Community?

We have an Indigenous Community Engagement Manager that would love to connect with you to talk about how inclusity can support your community’s employment needs. Send an email and we’ll be sure to connect to discuss how inclusity can help.

Looking to hire & get noticed?

Meet Terra who is originally from Saskatchewan and comes from a proud Métis family. She handles all of our Corporate Relations & Sponsorship. Whether you’re looking to participate as a hiring company in our job fairs or job board or if you want to take advantage of our extra branding perks where we use our powerhouse marketing team to feature your company and jobs – Terra has you covered. Send her an email and she’ll be sure to connect to discuss how inclusity can help. 

Looking for Indigenous talent?

If you are looking to promote Indigenous job opportunities and get your company profiled in a space that attracts candidates you are looking for – is the hiring hub that can deliver. We value experience and quality and we put our problem solving skills to the test to support your talent needs through a digital platform. 

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