Check back regularly as we update our resources often. Whether it's the inclusity marketing tool kit or available scholarships from our partners or company learning tools, this page is one you'll want to bookmark.

Job Board Marketing Tool Kit

Want to promote Inclusity’s job board on campus, within your association/organization or in your community? We’ve made it easy! Download our poster, digital images for email and website and messaging documents to help you promote inclusity’s job board. 


The Empowered Filmaker Masterclass

In collaboration with TELUS STORYHIVE, VoVo Productions is offering a program to train, mentor and support residents of British Columbia and Alberta to each make a locally reflective short video documentary, with the filmmaking tools they have available. Whether you’re a beginner or novice, this training will equip Indigenous students to become a filmmaker and get you ready to start your career journey in video or film production.

Women Building Futures

Women Building Futures fosters economic security for underemployed and unemployed women through employment training, support services, readiness workshops, affordable housing and more.

Jelly Academy

This scholarship is available for those High School and Post-Secondary students looking to receive the micro-certifications needed to jump right into a digital marketing role upon graduation. While your traditional education provides you with the theory to get an overall understanding of marketing as a whole, Jelly Academy’s 6 week program sets you up with the skills and credentials that employers are looking for when hiring for digital marketing roles.